Demystifying Moisture Detection
Infrared technology illuminates what we can't see.

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Eric Hughes, of Flir Systems.

MVCA Board member, Angie Janofski, and Treasurer Magda Michel look on.

Moisture meters, at one time viewed as a technological marvel, are being replaced as the standard of the day. Eric Hughes, with Flir Systems, demonstrated the latest infrared camera technology being utilized in moisture damage detection at the June 19, 2004 luncheon meeting of the Mid-Valley Claims Association.

This new technology offers a "Superman vision of what's going on," stated Hughes. His live demonstration of use of the camera presented "compelling pictures" of how thoroughly moisture is now detectable.

Eric Hughes demonstrates the Flir Systems moisture detection Infrared camera.

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MVCA VP Jim Berwanger ran the June meeting.

A good sized crowd turned out for the June luncehon meeting.

Lisa Schwichtenberg and Melanie Vandevanter at the June luncheon.

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